2010 Race Schedule

So how does one pick a 70.3 event?  While it’s a step towards my end-goal it’s quite an important step and as discussed in a prior post will be my primary race for 2010.

As we started our search with my training partners, we agreed to select a race towards the end of the season to ensure we have enough time to train.  The race should be in the US and generally easy meaning flat bike rides and runs.  As we looked at the available races two came to mind, Ironman 70.3 Longhorn in Texas early October and Ironman 70.3 Miami October 30th.  Now Longhorn is a well established race with an incredibly fun atmosphere.  Miami on the other hand is its first race but it is Miami after all.  The courses seem generally flat and the main difference would be the ocean swimming of Miami versus the Lake swimming of Austin.

The decision was difficult but there’s something about participating in the first Miami 70.3 and doing an ocean swim…so Miami here I come!MiamiSunset

From that point on, we worked backwards selecting a few Olympic distance races to prep for the season and some sprints to fine tune items like transition and get used to the atmosphere.  In our selection we identified races that would be big and include some travel to be able to prepare for the big race and have a variety of experiences that would help us for the big day.

Bumpass will be our opening Olympic Tri of the season in April and the last one before the 70.3  It will provide a good evaluation point of how the main season training went.  Virginia Run in May will allow me to compare my performance from last year.  New York City and Chicago will be the two main olympic-length triathlons of the season providing a large field and some travel experience.  September will hopefully be an easy sprint Tri with some Ocean Swimming experience.  Overall this should be a great season and provide a great training base for the 70.3.  I’m very much looking forward to it.

Here is our schedule so far, some of the dates still need to be finalized but the general flow is there.

2010 promises to be an exciting season!