An Extra Rest Day Made All The Difference

It’s already been a week since my last post and much has happened since my jog in Denver.  Friday afternoon we headed to Las Vegas with my wife and stayed at the Encore for a few days of rest.  The plan was pretty simple in that I was going to rest as much as possible, eat healthy, not drink -too- much, and continue a good physical routine.

On Saturday I opted for a rest day to recover from body squats on Friday and it had been a week and a half without rest.  I signed up for a great massage to help sort out the toxins and work out the kinks in my back from some good swimming sessions the days before.  To my surprise, I was having a hard time finding a suitable pool to swim laps in so I opted for a brick training on Sunday with 30 minutes on a stationary bike followed by a quick mile right after on the treadmill.  Now, for those unfamiliar with my running prowess (or lack thereof), a “quick” mile is defined as below a 10-minute mile…regardless of your own speed, do let me briefly indulge in the temporary comfort that a ten-minute mile isn’t too bad…  but I digress.  I finished the day off with some core work and a hot tub session.  So far so good but it would quickly go downhill after that.


One of the many pools at the Encore where my wife spent much time at

The rest of Sunday afternoon my right knee flared up.  This is undoubtedly  due to the fact that albeit short distances, I ran 3 times in a week and I hadn’t run in 3 months as I recovered from my bike injury.  This was too much too fast and my knee told me so.  We had a great dinner where I indulged in a delicious tuna tartar and veal, and I went to bed fairly early.   Monday morning came unfortunately and I’m afraid that part of the tuna wasn’t all that good and I was not feeling well at all.  I scratched any possible workout that morning as I reluctantly watched my wife head back to DC as I packed to head to San Francisco to work on a proposal.

The trip was miserable.  It’s one thing to be sick, but it’s another to be sick away from home in random hotels trying to put a good face at work.  In typical fashion, my plane to SFO was severely delayed, my ride at the airport didn’t wait for me, my room was noisy but somehow I slept like a baby.  Tuesday morning came and I was far from 100% but did start to feel a bit better.  Typically food digestion issues last 24-48 hours so I knew that if I didn’t get better that day it was likely a bug.  As I put in a good face at work in the morning, I started feeling better and better until Tuesday night when I actually felt pretty good and dared to go to dinner with the team.

Though I felt fine I did opt to continue a very conservative diet consisting of pasta with limited sauces, diet-coke, bread and water and avoid any creative foods, alcohol or other more exotic ideas.  As I was going to bed Tuesday night I had to start thinking about my training.  The Marriott in San Francisco has a great gym and although the pool is small one could still get a brief workout in it so no excuses there.  But I did learn a lesson in my previous year of training in terms of recovering from illness.  Pushing too hard too fast can easily result in much longer term delays in terms of performance and recovery so I opted consciously to not workout Wednesday morning but to sleep in instead.  I slept in until 7AM, had a croissant and made it through the day fine.

I flew back last night and despite little sleep I feel much better today.  My sons woke me up this morning and after a week away that might be one of the best feelings in the world.  What’s also important to note is that my right knee feels fine and though I couldn’t apply pressure to it on Sunday it is much better now.  The added rest day on Wednesday seems to have worked and was probably a wise choice.  As soon as I’m done with this post I’ll figure out what my workout plan for today and tomorrow will be before a quick in-and-out trip to France for the weekend.

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