Balancing Friendship, Travel, Training and Health

There are things in life that are very much worth blowing off training for, close friends are one of them.  My best friend is turning 40 this year and as most people, it’s a pretty easy decision to go and attend your best friend’s birthday party.  There is however a peculiarity with me in that my friend lives in France.  Between work, kids, training and the fact that he lives 8 hours away just counting a flight and really 12 hours away door-to-door, it’d be pretty easy not to prioritize attending his party.  If you add to that the fact that I’ve had a less-than-stellar week regarding training and been away from my sons the thought of staying home was indeed very enticing.

Notice the bottles of water empty and the absence of wine

Notice the bottles of water empty and the absence of wine

But this is what it’s all about, life is about balancing your passions and cherishing the few truly close friendships that we have.  A so after a short run (more like a jog really) Friday afternoon, I hopped on a plane to France.  I had booked my plane back in June and managed to get a window seat.  Though most chuckled when they saw me bring my pillow, I slept quite well and arrived in my native country generally rested Saturday mid-day.  I attended a great party that night and flew back Sunday being away from home a mere 51 hours.

For these two days I completely skipped training and gladly so. My friend was thrilled to have me there and so was I.  To try to minimize damage I did try to eat healthy purchasing large bottles of water at the airport to remain hydrated, eating fruit and limiting wine.  In fact I only had a couple of glasses of wine at dinner keeping my body as healthy as possible.  To add to that, I alway use Airborne when I fly or travel.  It allows me to boost my immune system which admittedly tends to take a hit when I’m on the road as we all operate on fewer hours of sleep and usually much less comfortable rest.  Call it superstition or believe it in, it’s worked for me very well in the past.  Even at home if I’m feeling a hint that I might be coming down with something, I pop in an Airborne and get that extra boots of vitamins.

I’m back now feeling a bit tired but thrilled about my weekend.  My concern isn’t so much about lack of sleep as it is about the fact that I haven’t swam in a week and half.  With a swimming session with my Masters group tomorrow morning, I might have a different answer than “I’m thrilled” after a few laps…